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Beef Tallow Balm - 8 oz - Organic Grass Fed - Body Butter - Moisturizing Skin Care

Beef Tallow Balm - 8 oz - Organic Grass Fed - Body Butter - Moisturizing Skin Care

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Beef Tallow Balm Direct From Kansas Native Grass Pastures to You 

Beef tallow is a traditional natural moisturizer that has been used for millennia.  We triple render our tallow by hand in small batches. The nutrients and cell structure of tallow are similar to our skin’s cell structure and contains the nutrients that our skin needs. Tallow balm is perfect for naturally soothing and moisturizing skin.

  • Grass-fed beef leaf tallow is rich in minerals & full of vitamins A ,D, E, K & B12.
  • It has natural antimicrobial & antibacterial properties.
  • It is full of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). CLA is found in the highest concentrations in 100% grass-fed tallow.
  • Grass-fed beef tallow is rich in omega 9 fatty acid, known as oleic acid which helps the other nutrients penetrate deeply into the skin.
  • It contains palmitic acid, stearic acid, & palmitoleic acid.

Fragrance Free Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Organic First Cold Pressed Olive Oil (UDSA Certified).

Essential Oil Scented Ingredients: 100% Grass-fed Beef Tallow, Organic First Cold Pressed Olive Oil (UDSA Certified). Organic Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil (USDA Certified).  

That’s it. Simple, organic & natural ingredients, that you know. Our Tallow Balm is produced on our farm in small batches. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mark Tober
Great Product, Excellent Value

Bought the 8oz orange scented beef tallow. My first experience with beef tallow moisturizer but I works great, already purchased my second jar. Definitely will keep buying.

Debra DeSantis

I actually like the Tallow that you made but I smell like a beef stick afterwards. You might want to think about putting some essential oils or something like that in your mix...

Katherine Ryan
Clear and smooth face

Before I get into reviewing the actual product, I want to start with why I made the switch from my face cream to this product instead. I have two young boys and I noticed that I was avoiding giving them kisses and rubbing my face on them because of my face cream that I used. It was mostly artificial with ingredients that I didn’t trust. I didn’t want any of the cream on my face to be rubbed off on them. Sure my other face cream probably wouldn’t do a lot of harm, but why risk it? Why risk exposing them to all these awful lab made ingredients? So I made the switch to this beef tallow based product and I couldn’t be happier!!! I normally breakout super easily but I’ve had a clearer complexion since I started using this balm! I was so worried about this but I am so relieved that I just gave it a chance. I use it at night and in the morning and it isn’t greasy on my face. A little goes a long way. My face has seemed brighter and smoother. I use it occasionally for my hands and legs but mostly just stick to my face. I’ve had great results with it! I do want to give a heads up and say that this is a completely natural product with two ingredients… so of course it’s not going to be this super smooth consistency that many are used to with their normal creams. Those creams have probably over 30 ingredients with majority being artificially made in a lab to produce that smooth consistency. My balm is sometimes a little tough but melts super quickly once I rub it in between my fingers or on my face. When my house is cooler it seems a little bit grainier but again, melts and smooths right on my face with no problem. I say this just so you’re prepared and aren’t expecting the same thing you would with a lab made option. There’s no smell that I notice when I have it rubbed on my face. I also use it on my brows to style them and as chapstick. This product is so versatile!! The sky is the limit. I have been so happy with this product and the effects it’s had! I love that if my toddler were to get his hands into this, it wouldn’t be something I have to worry about! He even asks for some to put on his face too when he sees me putting it on my face and I can just give him some and not worry! If you’re on the fence, just try it! Worst thing you return it but best case you fall in love like I did!

Jean Coonrod
Feels so good!

The tallow balm is very soothing and keeps my old skin softer and moisturized. Thank you!


Y pleased