Wholesale and Dropshipping

Have a brick and mortar or online shop where you'd like to feature Prairie Fire products?

We sell wholesale our candles directly from this site, from many wholesale marketplaces, and offer drop shipping through SyncLogic. 

All orders, no matter where they originate from, are fulfilled by us from our Kansas, USA location. 

Order Inventory:

Direct on our Site: Please send us your information through our contact form on the about us tab. We will create an account for you and provide you with a discount code to use when placing an order. 

Faire: https://prairiefirecandles.faire.com

Tundra: tundra.com/shop/prairie-fire-candles

Abound: https://helloabound.com/invite/prairiefirecandles


Drop Shipping:  

Thanks for your interest in dropshipping our line of clean burning candles and wax melts.

We offer dropshipping of our apothecary jars and wax melts direct from our site through the Synclogic Shopify app. (Connection Code: 9268XOQV)


Prairie Fire Candles Dropship Features:

Through our direct connection you will be able to sync Prairie Fire Candle products with your Shopify site, including descriptions, images, and available inventory. You get to set the prices and organize the products as you think will best suit your customers. The dropshipping price for the store is 40% off our retail price.

Here's how it works, step by step:

  • When a customer places an order on your store, it automatically creates a draft order on the Prairie Fire Candles site.
  • You (the store) will receive a "draft invoice" from Prairie Fire Candles in your email to directly pay for this order, reserve the inventory, and start the fulfillment process. Please verify the shipping address is the customer's address or the address to be shipped to. 
  • Once paid, Prairie Fire Candles picks and packs the product and includes a packing list with your store's details and contact information.
  • Finally, the order ships directly to your customer!

Shipping is charged directly to you, the retailer, when ordering the product -  never to your customer, of course!

Now, the Technical Details:

To connect directly to Prairie Fire Candles Dropship:

  • Your site must be running on Shopify
  • Install the Synclogic app by Oiizes from the Shopify App Store (they currently offer a 30 day trial, then it's $19.99 per month)

Recommended Global Settings:

Go into Synclogic and click on Settings (this is the little cog wheel in the upper right-hand corner right next to the FAQ button.) 

Make sure that the box is checked next to “Sync all fields when Synclogic creates new products.”


Scroll down and disable the following settings:

  • Title: This allows you to rename the products
  • Description: Update descriptions and remove any Prairie Fire Candle links or references
  • Price: Update and control your own pricing

These are the recommended settings for a smooth drop shipping experience. You have complete control over these settings. This set up will bring in all the product information initially, then only fields set to Sync will continue to update regularly. If you plan to change/update any field be sure to disable the sync for those fields. If you do not disable the sync for a field and start to edit it in a product it will revert back to the original data from our system causing you to lose your changes. You can always change your setting in the future. 


Recommended Connection Settings:

  • Click on "Subscribe To Connection" button
  • Enter Connection Code  9268XOQV
  • Matching Strategy: Match products with handle on accepted connection
  • Create new products when one is not found with your selected matching strategy (as new products become available, they will also show up in your store!)
  • Unlink Behavior: Unpublish Product (as products are discontinued and no longer available, they will be automatically unpublished -not deleted- from your store)
  • Price Transform %: 100 = Prairie Fire MSRP. 120 = 20% over Prairie Fire MSRP... you get the idea. This is a quick way to set your prices. 

Click on Connect and that's it! Products will begin showing up in your store. You're synchronizing hundreds of SKU's so it may take some time... 

If you have additional questions, please contact us at prairiefirecandleco@gmail.com or text: 785-246-6500

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