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Olive Oil Candle Lamp - Handle Mason Jar - Emergency Backup - Power Outage

Olive Oil Candle Lamp - Handle Mason Jar - Emergency Backup - Power Outage

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Burn Clean, Breathe Clean! It doesn't burn cleaner than pure olive oil! This stylish and eco-friendly lamp really shines. It burns olive oil, a renewable, inexpensive, and safe fuel. Safe since it can't catch on fire if tipped over as the oil will douse the wick and the oil isn't combustible like petroleum.

Use a readily available natural cooking oil to produce sustainable and unlimited, clean powered light. Why olive oil? Unlike petroleum fuels, olive oil is renewable, safer while also  contributing to your eco-friendly, sustainability goals. Our olive oil lamps burn clean with no smoke or odors, are hypoallergenic, and easily storable. Perfect for emergencies, power outages, or just a relaxing evening. 

Until recent generations, olive oil has been used as a lighting oil for millennia. Perfect as a gift, to stock up an emergency preparedness kit or for your own clean burning evening lamp. 

  • Burns 12 hours per fill with olive oil on just a few ounces of olive oil
  • Infuse oil with herbs or essential oils
  • Handcrafted steel element
  • 1/8" round wick
  • 16 oz jar 5.25" H
  • Rustic Bronze lid maintains clean oil
  • Made in USA
  • AKA: Betty Lights, Bright Betty's
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
I absolutely love this non toxic and prett...

I absolutely love this non toxic and pretty oil lamp. I definitely recommend people to order here. I ordered two and tried one out and it works perfectly. Such cute packaging and good instructions were included on how to work these lamps. Thank you. I will be ordering again soon.

5 stars review from Otho

5 stars review from Otho

I was very happy to receive my three Mason...

I was very happy to receive my three Mason jar candles….they'll come in handy if there are any power outages. (A good quality lamp oil supposedly works better than olive oil which doesn't burn as brightly. However, olive oil is a cleaner burning oil.) Customer service was excellent!

love it

I really like this lamp. It will be very useful when the power goes out. I haven't used it yet, however, it's simple enough that it's guaranteed to work.